Poppy Lane & Co. bracelets are made of the highest-quality materials by hand in Los Angeles, California, USA with love from one hard workin' mama.

These are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers:

- Are your bracelets handmade?

Yes, handmade by Stacy Thiot in Los Angeles, California. (@stacythiot on Instagram)

-What is your turnaround time?

Bracelets are made-to-order and ship within 1-5 days via USPS First Class Mail with standard tracking.

- What type of materials are your bracelets made out of/are the beads plastic?

Each bracelet is made with either a Sterling Silver or 14k gold-filled wire and clasp. 

None of the beads are plastic, they are all semi-precious or precious beads, made of the highest quality. We sell Jade, Turquoise, Amethyst, Bamboo, Sterling Silver and 14k Gold-filled beads.

Beads will not flake or chip, but please watch teething babies carefully.

-How do I measure my wrist?

The easiest way to measure your wrist is to wrap a piece of string or ribbon around the skinniest part of your wrist, tightly. Then measure that string in inches on a ruler or measuring tape.

-Which size do I order?

Order the size that most closely matches your wrist size in inches. My wrist is 6 inches, so I order the Teen size, which is 6 inches. If your wrist is 6.25 inches, order the Adult X-Small that is 6.5 inches (or make a note at checkout of your exact measurements).

Bracelet Sizes: 
-3.5" (0M to 3M Baby) 
-4.0" (3M to 9M Baby) 
-4.5" (9M to 18M Baby) 
-5.0" (18M to 5Y Girl) 
-5.5" (5Y to 12Y Girl) 
-6.0" (Teen) 
-6.5" (Adult X-Small) 
-7.0" (Adult Small) 
-7.5" (Adult Medium) 
-8.0" (Adult Large) 
-8.5" (Adult X-Large)

-How do I order for someone else?

The age suggestions next to each size are just that, suggestions and estimates. Please measure wrists whenever possible. 

-Can I purchase an additional muslin-stamped bag for gifts?

Yes, you may! There is a listing for muslin bags for purchase HERE!

-How do I care for Poppy Lane & Co. bracelets?

+ removing bracelets before meals will help the beads not discolor 
+ taking off the bracelet at night is recommended for child's safety 
+ to clean, wipe with damp cloth or baby wipes 
+ sterling silver may tarnish over time if not properly cared for 
+ bath or pool water may damage the bracelet, please do so at your own risk 
+ if bracelet seems tight when baby is crawling, please remove immediately, or loosen to the last chain link (or buy a bigger size, yay!) 
+ please watch teething babies carefully

-Do you offer returns/exchanges?

Please contact me at stacythiot@poppylaneandco.com for more information. If bracelet has not been worn. 

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